Sharon Gless on Rizzoli & Isles – BTS photo

Here is a photo of one of our favorite ladies, Ms. Sharon Gless, our eternal beloved Christine Cagney, behind the scenes of the 100th Rizzoli & Isles episode. 

She will be portraying a prisoner who will have an important part helping Det . Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon), with some of her personal issues (NOT related to the case presented in this episode).

DON’T  MISS IT! It’s tomorrow July 25th on TNT at 9pm!


Sharon Gless guest starring on Rizzoli & Isles 100th episode next week!

As we posted on this blog a while ago, Ms. Sharon Gless, our beloved Cagney, from Cagney & Lacey, will be guest starring on Rizzoli & Isles 100th episode next week. The episode is called “2M7258-100” and will be the 8th episode of the 7th and last season of Rizzoli & Isles.

Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon), a BPD detective, will be going undercover into the county jail and, from what we can see from the first scene of the preview video below (watch out in the background on the right), will find Ms Sharon Gless among the prisoners.  Can’t wait to see next week’s episode! Write down the date and time: Next Monday 25th July at 9pm on TNT US time.

Here is the video:


Sharon Gless might be on the 100th Rizzoli & Isles episode

Instagram user @rdcalderon Ruben (Rubi) Calderon, Hollywood picture & TV costumer, published this photo yesterday (evening / night to me, here in Europe). It’s from a new production, not better specified, that our beloved Sharon Gless is taken part.
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UPDATE: From what I have learn from @HarmonsPhone Twitter page, a Twitter profile close to the actress Angie Harmon, Ms. Sharon Gless might participate as a fellow prison colleague to the undercover prisoner Det. Jane Rizzoli, in the 100th episode of the series, which is part of the seventh, and last season, of the famous TNT TV show.

You can follow Angie Harmon’s phone Twitter profile here

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S2E1 – “Witness to An Incident” or They are dynamite!

Today I want to talk about the very first episode of season two, named “Witness to An Incident”. This is the first episode where we have Ms. Sharon Gless in the role of Det. Christine Cagney.  It is a very interesting, and yet very up-to-date episode (since lately, civilian paramilitary organizations seem to have increased their number, where two vigilantes who are not supposed to be armed, shot and run after a robber. When the NYPD agents and detectives arrive they hear a shot and intimate the person in a dark to halt. The person shoot again and get shots by an agent, who gets suspended, because the victim’s (who dies later) gun disappear.

Cagney was with the officer who shot the vigilante and saw the gun. Lacey, who was in the other side didn’t see it. When it arrive the time to write a statement of what happened Lacey, don’t sign an statement which said the victim had a gun, causing a great conflict with Cagney.

During the investigation the catch the robber, who confirms, the vigilante had a gun and shot him. They need to go after the gun and possibly the person who took it away.

The greatest moments in this episode, despite the action, of course, are the arguing between Cagney and Lacey in front of all the precinct about the existence of the gun that was missing, and a later moment in the lockers’ room where the both of them make peace.

There’s not too much be said, other that the powerfulness of these characters together is just amazing. the chemistry between the actresses is just something unique and intense in every scene. Kudos to whom saw that and put Ms Sharon Gless and Ms. Tyne Dale together. These ladies are not only great and very much talented in what they do, but with that chemistry they are just dynamite!

All the credits go to C&L right owners, producers, actors, cast, crew and everyone else related to the TV Show. This time the video capture is mine. So I hope you appreciate my efforts bringing you also some different clips of the show. I’m new to this kind of thing, so be nice.

First they argue:

Then they make peace, go find the missing gun and who hid it:



Alice is coming!

This is one of the funniest moments, other than the food fight I’ve already posted previously, that I love. It comes from season 5 episode 16, “Family Connections”. In this episode Harvey is out of town for work and a very much pregnant Mary Beth, who is in the last days of her pregnancy, goes into labour. With the help of Christine, she is able to arrive on time at the hospital to have the baby.

Christine is hysterically funny during all the way from Mary Beth’s home to the hospital. She is nervous, like if the baby would be hers. She’s doing a female caricature of what a first-time dad would be going through the same situation. Please, don’t take me wrong here, I’m not saying she’s a lesbian or that they (Mary Beth and Christine) make a couple. I know a few people ship them as a couple, but I don’t, simply for the reason that I don’t see this happening. I would have nothing against it, if this had happen, but I just don’t take this vibe from them. I do ship other female couples in other series (i.e. Xena and Gabrielle, in Xena:WP, Jane and Maura in Rizzoli & Isles, etc), but with Cagney & Lacey I simply don’t get this kind of feeling. To me, they are just good friends with very much respect, admiration and affection for each other, but nothing beyond that.

One more time we have great performances of the leading duo, specially from Ms. Gless. I had the opportunity to watch some of her comedic renditions and based in what I saw her doing, particularly, in Turnabout (Yeah! I found one episode online, I can’t believe it! I wish I could find all seven of them!) I was just delighted with her timing and natural talent for comedy. My favourite lines in this episode are “OK! So, your horn works! Alright! Try your lights!” when she yells for a driver who is honking at her, stuck in traffic behind her yellow broken corvette, and later on when the truck driver, who gave them a ride to the hospital, wishes Mary Beth to give birth to a baby boy  Christine answers “No, we have two of those! We hope for a girl now!”.

It’s cute to see Christine with Mary Beth in the labour’s room till Harvey arrives, as well as funny to see her nervous and anxious at the waiting room, again doing a caricature of a first-time daddy. The melting heart moment is when we have Mary Beth presenting Christine the new born, Alice Christine Lacey, and letting her know the baby’s middle name was chosen after her. Christine is a Christine and would never let show up all her emotions, but I do catch some softness on her after knowing the baby has her name.

The only critic I have to do, and it’s not about this episode specifically, is the fact that when years later, in the revival movies of the duo, during the menopause years, seems that Christine and Mary Beth other than being separated for a long time due to different work choices, have been also estranged from each other in a personal way too, probably with themselves not seeing each other for a long time. From the way Christine reacts having the baby (middle-) named after her in this episode and in other episodes of the series, we can see she cares about Mary Beth and the baby (in her own way, of course! We’re talking about Christine Cagney here, remember). I just don’t see her in the later years losing all contact with Mary Beth (and Alice Christine, consequently). I know they were not that close, mostly because of the way Christine is about her feelings towards others and vice versa, but unless they had had some really serious issues with each other, I really don’t see this not-talking-or-seeing-for-years thing happening, except, maybe, in case of a fight or something serious (which was not explained in the movies) had happened. I will talk about the transition from the series to the revival movies later on.

Enough for now! Let’s just appreciate and have fun with our preferred female cop duo in NYPD. As always, the credits go to the C&L copyright owner, to its producers, writers, cast, crew (and everyone else linked to this show) and to the person who captured those moments in a video clip and uploaded it on Youtube. Thank you all!

“I wish you weren’t so hard Christine!”

I know, this is not exactly what Mary Beth said, but it certainly gives you all the idea about what we will be talking about in this post.

Another one of the “one-take” scenes of Cagney & Lacey show that I just love! Right from the 20th episode of season 6, called “Happiness is a warm gun”. Mary Beth has been shot in action, but thanks to her vest, she had only a couple of broken ribs, while in the same action Christine had no vest because she had left hers in Charlie’s house.

Christine was already starting her way down in the worst time of her life, dealing with Charlie’s Alcoholism problem (but also healthy problems, since his drinking has got him Cirrhosis) and eventually her very own drinking problems.

I haven’t yet written a post analysing Christine’s personality, but I can say, and many would agree with me, she was the kind of person who kept her feelings  deep inside herself and who avoided dealing with them for any reason, probably because in her mind, to be emotional, or deal with her emotions made her fragile, weak, and those feelings made her very uncomfortable, since in her head,  a strong person cannot have moments of weakness. This is a very good thing to be discussed soon. I really love doing this kind of personality analysis. Stay tuned and soon you may find a post about it.

What we see in that scene, already hints us about how worried with Christine, Mary Beth is. She seems to foresee what is about to come in Christine’s life (the self-destructive behaviour of Christine had already started to be seen) . She knows very well her partner, she knows it’s important to Christine to feel loved and cared about (but of course Christine would never admit that to just anyone).

Everything else I may add to describe the amazing job done by Ms. Gless and Ms. Daly is just superfluous. When you have talent,  good skills and a good team working with you this is the result you get. So have fun and enjoy Cagney & Lacey discussing their relationship at the therapist’s office. A pure and intense (other than classic) moment of American (and why not worldwide?) TV.

As always, all the credits go to C&L right owners, producers, actors, staff, crew, etc and to the person who shared with us on Youtube one more of the greatest moments of the series.

Crying and laughing with Cagney & Lacey

We all know how dense and emotional Cagney & Lacey could be thanks not only to the great writing team Mr. Barney Rosenzweig had around him, but also to the splendid group of talented and skilled actors he had helping him making this series an iconic show on TV. Although, despite being a dramatic series, Cagney & Lacey had wonderful funny and unforgettable episodes / moments. One of the most remembered funny moment is the evening when our both ladies were preparing cannolis to Lt. Samuels (Al Waxman), from season six, episode sixteen,  “To Sir With Love”. This scene was inspired in one scene of the Lucille Ball show, I love Lucy. This episode happens to be Ms. Sharon Gless’ favourite episode, and it is surely among my favourites too!

The food war was filmed in one take (of course, it would be impossible to re-do it again, since actresses would have to clean up, dress, make-up) and like other one-take scenes we find through out all the show’s life, it demonstrates the great level of expertise the actors, especially the two leading ladies had / have. Later I hope to post not only other funny moments of the show, but also the one-take scenes. I admit I watch these one-take scenes over and over just to delight myself with my dearest actresses performances.

I hope you all enjoy the video and have some fun with it. Once more, the credits go to C&L creators, producers, writers, actors and everyone else involved with the show and also to the person who kindly posted the video on youtube.