Who are you and why Cagney & Lacey?

I can hear many of you saying or at least thinking: “What? Cagney & Lacey? Why? This was so long ago, everything that had to be said about it was already said!” “Oh! This is such an old TV series, why bother discussing about it?” OR “Cagney & Lacey? Who the hell are those two?”

Well I don’t care if you are too young or old enough to remember or to know Cagney & Lacey , in either and / or each case I do hope to refresh your memories about this show or to present it (as it should be) to you.

I am, myself, a late fan of the show because I was a child by the time the show was originally aired and because the show has NEVER aired in Brazil till today (can you believe that?), where I was born. I got to meet Cagney & Lacey by the end of the nineties right after I moved from Brazil to Italy. There, from time to time I could catch some re-runs on TV, usually in the afternoon. I can say it took only one episode to hook me to the show, but it was only recently, after buying the 30th anniversary collection DVD set I could properly watch all the series and TV movies of the duo.

“But why now bothering to buy and watch the series?”, you may ask. Because Cagney & Lacey are Cagney & Lacey! Ok, that’s not a true answer, but let’s say I’m arriving on my forties and I have always been attracted to female empowered characters on TV and cinema. This may be the reason why I’m doing some serious research about the argument (and watching infinite times all the DVDs, not only from C&L, but from all the empowered woman TV shows I have). “Ok, but why are you researching about this argument? Don’t you have anything better to do?”, many of you would enquire me. Because I’m a curious person how loves studying human nature and human behaviour. “So are you one of those people with a PhD, that is going to write a book or something like that about this and other shows?” Well, my answer to that is: I don’t know. I have fun studying people, their culture and their behaviour since I was very young. These articles you are going to read here are for fun and fans (sorry for the pun!). What will happen in the future… who knows?

Anyway, this is starting to be too long, so to end well I just want to say something about me, since I don’t intend to use this space to talk about myself again. (Although I will be willing to answer any questions from you if and when they come around).

My name is Eliara Santos, I’m almost forty, I’m Brazilian-Italian (born Brazilian, became Italian) but since 1999 I live in Europe (now in Austria), I’m married, have a ten year-old daughter. I speak 6 languages (Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, French and German, work right now as a freelance photographer. I love writing, travelling, photographing, cooking, swimming, rock, blues and jazz music, leather jackets, boots and bandanas. Oh! I almost forgot, I’m a great fan of Cagney & Lacey and its main stars (which I hope to meet in person some day), Ms. Sharon Gless and Ms. Tyne Daly . Nice to meet you! I wish you a nice time while visiting this page. Any suggestions, complaints or questions please let me know in the comments or through email.


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