Cagney and… Rizzoli?

1622113_10209164000285131_6737693503729658264_nI wasn’t supposed to write another post so soon, but today (actually my night, since I am in Europe) I found this on Instagram (and Twitter too). This was taken last night, 3/13/2016 by Ms. Angie Harmon, lately known for her portrayal of Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles.

I’m not ready yet to make a post about about Cagney & Lacey and Rizzoli & Isles, who have been considered the new millennium Cagney & Lacey, but I will certainly talk about that soon, since I am fan of both series.

However, I wanted to post it here because this is a recent photo of one of the stars of the series (and of this page too!). I can only say: Man, Ms. Angie Harmon is one lucky woman! Ms. Sharon Gless just light up any place with her beautiful smile. Her charisma and beauty are endless.

Where to find Ms. Angie Harmon’s Instagram and Twitter? Here: @Angie_Harmon twitter and Angie Harmon Instagram.

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