When life gets hard on you it’s nice to have a good partner beside you.

OK. Not only a partner but a good husband too! If Harvey wouldn’t have said anything to Christine, she couldn’t have done much, but once more, when she got into was going on she didn’t let her partner down. She could never have! She was a perfectly imperfect person, but Christine was a very generous person and a devoted friend (she may have not demonstrated it a lot, because you know, she is Christine Cagney, the tough, but she DID have her partners’ back!)

This is another one of the greatest moments and stories presented in the show. The first time ever that the breast cancer subject was discussed in a TV show. This video clip tells shortly the story, but I truly recommend watching both episodes completely.

Again, we have here a masterpiece done by the combination of a great and extremely accurate writing and the superb acting work of our two favourite ladies. A brilliant performance in this two-part episode gave Ms. Dale an Emmy Award.
Ladies & gentlemen, take your seats and be ready to watch another great moment of our favourite NYPD cops.
PS. Credit goes to C&L creators, actors, writers, producers and everyone involved with the show and to the person who did the video.


One thought on “When life gets hard on you it’s nice to have a good partner beside you.

  1. These scenes are from one of the C&L episodes I most remember from years ago. My gosh! How brilliantly played by the 3 main characters, (in this particular story), but in particular these 2 women! They are so natural, so raw! These scenes between the two of them were so intimate, there were times I almost felt like I was intruding on very private moments. Brilliantly done again! 😀

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