Crying and laughing with Cagney & Lacey

We all know how dense and emotional Cagney & Lacey could be thanks not only to the great writing team Mr. Barney Rosenzweig had around him, but also to the splendid group of talented and skilled actors he had helping him making this series an iconic show on TV. Although, despite being a dramatic series, Cagney & Lacey had wonderful funny and unforgettable episodes / moments. One of the most remembered funny moment is the evening when our both ladies were preparing cannolis to Lt. Samuels (Al Waxman), from season six, episode sixteen,  “To Sir With Love”. This scene was inspired in one scene of the Lucille Ball show, I love Lucy. This episode happens to be Ms. Sharon Gless’ favourite episode, and it is surely among my favourites too!

The food war was filmed in one take (of course, it would be impossible to re-do it again, since actresses would have to clean up, dress, make-up) and like other one-take scenes we find through out all the show’s life, it demonstrates the great level of expertise the actors, especially the two leading ladies had / have. Later I hope to post not only other funny moments of the show, but also the one-take scenes. I admit I watch these one-take scenes over and over just to delight myself with my dearest actresses performances.

I hope you all enjoy the video and have some fun with it. Once more, the credits go to C&L creators, producers, writers, actors and everyone else involved with the show and also to the person who kindly posted the video on youtube.


One thought on “Crying and laughing with Cagney & Lacey

  1. Although I couldn’t view this clip right now, I remember it from a couple weeks ago. I was indeed expertly done, and demonstrated the natural comic style of both actresses. 😀

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