“I wish you weren’t so hard Christine!”

I know, this is not exactly what Mary Beth said, but it certainly gives you all the idea about what we will be talking about in this post.

Another one of the “one-take” scenes of Cagney & Lacey show that I just love! Right from the 20th episode of season 6, called “Happiness is a warm gun”. Mary Beth has been shot in action, but thanks to her vest, she had only a couple of broken ribs, while in the same action Christine had no vest because she had left hers in Charlie’s house.

Christine was already starting her way down in the worst time of her life, dealing with Charlie’s Alcoholism problem (but also healthy problems, since his drinking has got him Cirrhosis) and eventually her very own drinking problems.

I haven’t yet written a post analysing Christine’s personality, but I can say, and many would agree with me, she was the kind of person who kept her feelings  deep inside herself and who avoided dealing with them for any reason, probably because in her mind, to be emotional, or deal with her emotions made her fragile, weak, and those feelings made her very uncomfortable, since in her head,  a strong person cannot have moments of weakness. This is a very good thing to be discussed soon. I really love doing this kind of personality analysis. Stay tuned and soon you may find a post about it.

What we see in that scene, already hints us about how worried with Christine, Mary Beth is. She seems to foresee what is about to come in Christine’s life (the self-destructive behaviour of Christine had already started to be seen) . She knows very well her partner, she knows it’s important to Christine to feel loved and cared about (but of course Christine would never admit that to just anyone).

Everything else I may add to describe the amazing job done by Ms. Gless and Ms. Daly is just superfluous. When you have talent,  good skills and a good team working with you this is the result you get. So have fun and enjoy Cagney & Lacey discussing their relationship at the therapist’s office. A pure and intense (other than classic) moment of American (and why not worldwide?) TV.

As always, all the credits go to C&L right owners, producers, actors, staff, crew, etc and to the person who shared with us on Youtube one more of the greatest moments of the series.


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