S2E1 – “Witness to An Incident” or They are dynamite!

Today I want to talk about the very first episode of season two, named “Witness to An Incident”. This is the first episode where we have Ms. Sharon Gless in the role of Det. Christine Cagney.  It is a very interesting, and yet very up-to-date episode (since lately, civilian paramilitary organizations seem to have increased their number, where two vigilantes who are not supposed to be armed, shot and run after a robber. When the NYPD agents and detectives arrive they hear a shot and intimate the person in a dark to halt. The person shoot again and get shots by an agent, who gets suspended, because the victim’s (who dies later) gun disappear.

Cagney was with the officer who shot the vigilante and saw the gun. Lacey, who was in the other side didn’t see it. When it arrive the time to write a statement of what happened Lacey, don’t sign an statement which said the victim had a gun, causing a great conflict with Cagney.

During the investigation the catch the robber, who confirms, the vigilante had a gun and shot him. They need to go after the gun and possibly the person who took it away.

The greatest moments in this episode, despite the action, of course, are the arguing between Cagney and Lacey in front of all the precinct about the existence of the gun that was missing, and a later moment in the lockers’ room where the both of them make peace.

There’s not too much be said, other that the powerfulness of these characters together is just amazing. the chemistry between the actresses is just something unique and intense in every scene. Kudos to whom saw that and put Ms Sharon Gless and Ms. Tyne Dale together. These ladies are not only great and very much talented in what they do, but with that chemistry they are just dynamite!

All the credits go to C&L right owners, producers, actors, cast, crew and everyone else related to the TV Show. This time the video capture is mine. So I hope you appreciate my efforts bringing you also some different clips of the show. I’m new to this kind of thing, so be nice.

First they argue:

Then they make peace, go find the missing gun and who hid it:




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