About me




Schermata 2016-03-18 alle 22.56.22
That’s me! The crazy and free soul who runs this page.

Who am I? Do you really want to know me? I’m not that interesting, ordinary person, really! Ok, ok. I will give you just a snap shot of myself. You can always make me questions if you want to know more about me.

I’m a woman entering in her forties, a mother, a photographer who loves writing and a world citizen! I LOVE boots, leather jackets, bandanas and I’m a rocker! Oh! I was forgetting a couple of things, I’m a great fan of Cagney & Lacey (really? No one could have said that!) and I’m already taken! (sorry fellows!)

In my first post in this website (have a look at the main page) you can know a little bit more about me and about why this page was created. Look for “Who are you and why Cagney & Lacey?” post. If you can’t find it (I know Internet can be complicated sometimes) drop me a line and I will help you find it.

PS. If you are interested in my work as a photographer, please visit my personal website: http://www.eliarasantos.com


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