When life gets hard on you it’s nice to have a good partner beside you.

OK. Not only a partner but a good husband too! If Harvey wouldn’t have said anything to Christine, she couldn’t have done much, but once more, when she got into was going on she didn’t let her partner down. She could never have! She was a perfectly imperfect person, but Christine was a very generous person and a devoted friend (she may have not demonstrated it a lot, because you know, she is Christine Cagney, the tough, but she DID have her partners’ back!)

This is another one of the greatest moments and stories presented in the show. The first time ever that the breast cancer subject was discussed in a TV show. This video clip tells shortly the story, but I truly recommend watching both episodes completely.

Again, we have here a masterpiece done by the combination of a great and extremely accurate writing and the superb acting work of our two favourite ladies. A brilliant performance in this two-part episode gave Ms. Dale an Emmy Award.
Ladies & gentlemen, take your seats and be ready to watch another great moment of our favourite NYPD cops.
PS. Credit goes to C&L creators, actors, writers, producers and everyone involved with the show and to the person who did the video.


That’s what real partners (and friends) are for

This is one of the most emblematic moments of Cagney & Lacey show. We have the conclusion of Christine Cagney’s alcoholism arc-story. It is among a few other favourite remarkable moments of mine. Ms. Gless rendition was simply perfect (as well as Ms. Daly support in this scene, but this is not new. Those two women performing together are just dynamite!). The acting in this episode brought Ms. Gless the Emmy and the Golden Globe Awards,  and believe me, if this was a movie instead of a TV show, I bet she would have won the Oscar too. So let’s praise one more time the gracious and talented actresses Ms. Sharon Gless and Ms. Tyne Daly are!

The credits for this video go to the Cagney & Lacey right’s owner and to the person who uploaded the video.

Cagney and… Rizzoli?

1622113_10209164000285131_6737693503729658264_nI wasn’t supposed to write another post so soon, but today (actually my night, since I am in Europe) I found this on Instagram (and Twitter too). This was taken last night, 3/13/2016 by Ms. Angie Harmon, lately known for her portrayal of Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles.

I’m not ready yet to make a post about about Cagney & Lacey and Rizzoli & Isles, who have been considered the new millennium Cagney & Lacey, but I will certainly talk about that soon, since I am fan of both series.

However, I wanted to post it here because this is a recent photo of one of the stars of the series (and of this page too!). I can only say: Man, Ms. Angie Harmon is one lucky woman! Ms. Sharon Gless just light up any place with her beautiful smile. Her charisma and beauty are endless.

Where to find Ms. Angie Harmon’s Instagram and Twitter? Here: @Angie_Harmon twitter and Angie Harmon Instagram.

The three Cagneys of Lacey



The three Cagneys of Lacey


Every die-hard fan of the series Cagney & Lacey know that there were three Cagneys in Lacey’s life, which one of them portrayed by a different actress and in unique performances. Each one of those Cagneys showed a different side of Christine Cagney’s personality which in my opinion is crucial to try understanding the flaws and strengths of such a complex character.

The first Cagney:

The first Cagney was portrayed by Loretta Switt in the made-for-TV movie (and pilot of the series) Cagney & Lacey. This portrait of Cagney is the one I dearly use to call “Christine Cagney super star” and despite the characteristic sassiness of Cagney that can be perceived in all the three performances, the most emblematic trait showed by Ms. Switt’s rendition is the ambitiousness of Cagney.

We all know that Loretta Switt was the star of the movie, what made Cagney the main character (differently from what happen when the movie becomes a TV series, when we will have everything centred in both women) of this story, and because of that, being present in almost very single take of the movie, leaving space for Lacey to be her sidekick more than her partner. This explains my “Christine Cagney super star” nickname for this interpretation.

To be objective, then, we can say that besides Christine’s characteristic sassiness and ambitiousness, already enumerated before, we can certainly note Cagney’s sarcasm and irony. All in all, we can really see a proto-Cagney (referring to the later character everyone got to know). I find Ms. Switt acting believable and pretty much likeable.

The second Cagney:

Later on, after the great audience the made-for-TV movie has got, the TV network asked Cagney & Lacey producer Mr. Barney Rosenzweig to make Cagney & Lacey a TV series. Unfortunately, Ms. Switt wasn’t available to play Cagney any more since she was part of M*A*S*H cast, so after getting back Ms. Tyle Daly to be Mary Beth Lacey, the production had to re-cast to find the new Cagney.

Just a note, for those who doesn’t know a lot about the behind the scenes of C&L’s story: Since the very first beginning, Ms. Sharon Gless was the producers’ first choice to portrait Christine Cagney, but because she was working in other series at the time and because of the type of contract she had with the Universal studios, she wasn’t available to play the part.

Back to the second Cagney, the actress chosen to portrait Christine Cagney was Ms. Meg Foster. The biggest difference between hers and Ms. Switt performance is the fact we have a tougher Cagney. The sassiness and ambition were still there, some more toughness was added but we have lost the irony and sarcasm Cagney had before. The character got too much serious, and probably, because of that, lost empathy with the audience, ending to be re-casted for the third time later.

Much had been said to explain the reason of why Cagney had to be re-casted for the third time, from the most absurd theory that Ms. Foster Cagney was too much butchy (alluding the character was a lesbian) to the official reason of being too much similar (physically) to her counterpart Ms. Daly. I do believe though that could be a combination of things (physical similarity between the actress and the lost of empathy with the audience). Ms. Foster interpretation was very believable and well done (we are talking about a great actress here) although the final product was somewhat distant from what the audience (and maybe the network) wanted to see.

The third (and last) Cagney:

After the series got cancelled, and after a good fight of Mr. Rosenzweig for his creation and creatures, he had one last possibility to make the TV series again, but only in case Christine Cagney’s actress was re-casted again. This time, Ms. Gless was finally available but still reluctant on replacing another actress once more (she had done that on her previous work). The Gods of the arts pantheon conspired in our favour and so we finally had the Christine Cagney!

Ms. Gless rendering of Christine Cagney was the best of the three, with an equilibrated balance of the character flaws and strengths. We finally had the right amount of sassiness, ambition toughness, humour, sarcasm, irony and most important, and what surely made the character most more empathic with the audience and much more believable, as if it were a real person, Christine’s human side. No matter how she tried not to be, somehow, emotionally involved in her cases, she ended up being part of it, either being ambitious, critical, cynical, emotional, angry. She was Irish after all! A beautiful, brilliant, ambitious, hot blooded, imperfect, Irish woman.

Finally Cagney was one of us! A perfect imperfect antihero! Ms. Gless always say she loved to portrayed Cagney’s flaws, and I’m pretty sure most of the audience loved to love Cagney’s flaws!

Ms. Gless’ great performance as Cagney, as well as the great performance of Ms. Daly as Lacey, together with their amazing chemistry on and off screen brought to life the most loved New York female detectives of all times.

Ms. Barbara Avedon and Ms. Barbara Corday may have created Christine Cagney character but certainly it was Ms. Sharon Gless who gave life to the most, famous and loved by all, Christine Cagney, as a result of your acting skills and your commitment with the character itself.

Who are you and why Cagney & Lacey?

I can hear many of you saying or at least thinking: “What? Cagney & Lacey? Why? This was so long ago, everything that had to be said about it was already said!” “Oh! This is such an old TV series, why bother discussing about it?” OR “Cagney & Lacey? Who the hell are those two?”

Well I don’t care if you are too young or old enough to remember or to know Cagney & Lacey , in either and / or each case I do hope to refresh your memories about this show or to present it (as it should be) to you.

I am, myself, a late fan of the show because I was a child by the time the show was originally aired and because the show has NEVER aired in Brazil till today (can you believe that?), where I was born. I got to meet Cagney & Lacey by the end of the nineties right after I moved from Brazil to Italy. There, from time to time I could catch some re-runs on TV, usually in the afternoon. I can say it took only one episode to hook me to the show, but it was only recently, after buying the 30th anniversary collection DVD set I could properly watch all the series and TV movies of the duo.

“But why now bothering to buy and watch the series?”, you may ask. Because Cagney & Lacey are Cagney & Lacey! Ok, that’s not a true answer, but let’s say I’m arriving on my forties and I have always been attracted to female empowered characters on TV and cinema. This may be the reason why I’m doing some serious research about the argument (and watching infinite times all the DVDs, not only from C&L, but from all the empowered woman TV shows I have). “Ok, but why are you researching about this argument? Don’t you have anything better to do?”, many of you would enquire me. Because I’m a curious person how loves studying human nature and human behaviour. “So are you one of those people with a PhD, that is going to write a book or something like that about this and other shows?” Well, my answer to that is: I don’t know. I have fun studying people, their culture and their behaviour since I was very young. These articles you are going to read here are for fun and fans (sorry for the pun!). What will happen in the future… who knows?

Anyway, this is starting to be too long, so to end well I just want to say something about me, since I don’t intend to use this space to talk about myself again. (Although I will be willing to answer any questions from you if and when they come around).

My name is Eliara Santos, I’m almost forty, I’m Brazilian-Italian (born Brazilian, became Italian) but since 1999 I live in Europe (now in Austria), I’m married, have a ten year-old daughter. I speak 6 languages (Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, French and German, work right now as a freelance photographer. I love writing, travelling, photographing, cooking, swimming, rock, blues and jazz music, leather jackets, boots and bandanas. Oh! I almost forgot, I’m a great fan of Cagney & Lacey and its main stars (which I hope to meet in person some day), Ms. Sharon Gless and Ms. Tyne Daly . Nice to meet you! I wish you a nice time while visiting this page. Any suggestions, complaints or questions please let me know in the comments or through email.